Christmas Crafts

Celebrate the Christmas holidays with some fun and easy ideas for making homemade crafts and craft projects including Popcorn Garland for the Christmas Tree, Christmas Windows, Rudolph's Antlers, Gingerbread House, Christmas Snowflakes, Pinecone Christmas Ornaments, Candy Cane Rudolph the Reindeer, Homemade Christmas Candy Canes, Chrismas Holiday Spice Potpourrie, and Christmas Wreath of Rice.



Popcorn Garland for the Christmas Tree

Use an air popper to make as much popcorn as you think you'll need (let popcorn cool thoroughly before handling).

Use a needle and thread (or dental wax) to string the popcorn together.

You can also alternate different colored jelly beans, jujubes, or cranberries to add color to your garland.

Drape this craft idea over the christmas tree.


christmas crafts

christmas crafts



Christmas Windows

1 tb paint powder
1 tb liquid dishwashing soap

Mix together the paint powder and dishwashing soap.

Paint differerent christmas designs on the window:  bells, santa, reindeer, snowflakes, etc. on windows.

After the christmas season, just use a wet rag to wash off your designs.


christmas crafts



Rudolph's Antlers

      1 c  Semi-sweet chocolate chips
    1/2 c  Butterscotch chips
      3 oz Can chow mein noodles
     12    Maraschino cherries, halved
Melt chocolate and butterscotch chips together in a medium saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally. Remove the pan from heat. Stir in chow mein noodles.

Using two teaspoons, on a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet, shape about 1 Tb of the mixture in a V-shaped cookie about 2" wide to resemble antlers.

Press a cherry half securely in the center of each.

Repeat for remaining cookies.

Chill cookies on the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours or till cookies are firm. Store the antlers in the refrigerator in a covered container.

These yummy christmas crafts will last up to 5 days.


xmas crafts


Clay Christmas Ornaments

1 cup cornstarch
2 cups baking soda
1 1/2 cups of water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Sift together the cornstarch and baking soda; gradually add the water.

Grease baking sheet with butter or margarine.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture resembles smooth mashed potatoes.

Turn out on to a counter and knead until smooth.

Cut out designs using holiday-themed cookie cutters.

Using a pencil, pokes a hole in the top of each ornament.

Place in the oven for about 5 minutes to harden the clay.

Remove from oven. If desired, spray polyurethane on the ornaments to make them last longer. Set aside for 24 hours.

Paint the ornaments as desired.

Leave the ornaments for another 24 hours or until dried completely.

Tie a colored ribbon through the hole in the ornament and hang on the Christmas tree (can also use a metal ornament hanger).

These christmas crafts will last forever, write the year you made them on the back of the ornament for sentimental purposes.

xmas crafts

xmas crafts


Personalized Christmas crafts - Homemade Christmas Baskets

Decorate and then fill baskets with assorted products to suit the person's individual taste.

For Her Bath:

Fancy soaps, bath oil beads, bubble bath, face cloth and towel, scented candle, etc.


For a Child's Bath:

Bubble bath, bath toys, "No More Tears" shampoo, etc.


For Candy Lovers:

Fill basket with assorted candy bars, jelly beans, licorice allsorts, etc. To buy candy online, check out our Candy Shop


Homemade Christmas Baking

Fill basket with some homemade goodies, e.g,, cookies, candies, chocolates, muffins, peanut brittle, jams, jellies, etc.


Fun-time Christmas Basket

Small jigsaw puzzle, electronic game, joke book, book of crossword puzzles, deck of cards, etc..


For Chocolate Lovers:

Fill basket with assorted candy bars, hershey's kisses, packages of cocoa, etc. To buy chocolate online, check out our Chocolate Gift Baskets


For Movie Buffs:

Buy a few of their favorite movies or add coupons to rent movies, candy bars, licorice, milk duds, microwave popcorn, a few cans of pop, etc.


To purchase gift baskets, visit our Gift Baskets


xmas crafts



Delicious christmas crafts - Gingerbread House

1/2 c butter
2/3 c brown sugar
1/2 c molasses
1 egg
1 ts baking soda
1 ts cinnamon
2 1/2 c flour

Cream together the butter and brown sugar.

Mix in molasses, egg, baking soda, cinnamon, and flour.

Spread onto a cookie sheet to about 1/2" thickness.

Bake at 350 degress for about 10 minutes or until done (keep your eye on it).

When cool, cut into 6 rectangles.

Use icing to glue the house together.

Decorate with candies, sparkles, etc.


xmas crafts


xmas crafts



Christmas Snowflakes

Cut out a circle of white paper. Fold in half, then in three equal sections.

Cut triangles, squares, etc. out of each side, being careful not to cut completely across.

Open and tape your christmas snowflakes onto windows and doors.


xmas crafts


Some Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap

Comic pages from the newspaper make great wrapping paper especially for christmas gifts for kids.

A special Christmas picture that you're child has created.

Left over wallpaper or shelving paper.

Christmas pictures cut out of magazines or old christmas cards can be taped onto a piece of colored construction paper to make an interesting collage.

Use a brown paper bag and paint designs on it or paste Christmas pictures. Cut 2 pieces of construction paper to use as the handles for the package. Make a gift tag out of the construction paper. Three-hole punch a hole in the gift tag and on one of the handles and use a piece of ribbon or yarn to secure it to the Christmas package.

Have the kids color these cute Christmas Coloring Pages and use the pictures to wrap small christmas gifts.

Use your imagination for these personalized christmas crafts.


xmas crafts



Fun Christmas crafts - Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

Go for a walk with the kids and gather pinecones (a good way to spend an afternoon).

The pinecones can be left natural, or they can be spray-painted or dipped into paint.

While still wet, add glitter.

Glue a ribbon or strong thread to the top of a pine cone leaving a large enough hole so the ribbon can be looped over the branches of the christmas tree.


xmas crafts

Buy Christmas Posters

Christmas crafts



Candy Cane Rudolph the Reindeer

Candy cane
Pipe cleaner
Goggly eyes

Slip the pipe cleaner under the curved part of the candy cane.

Pull the ends of the pipe cleaner up over the candy cane and make a tight twist in the pipe cleaner to secure it to the candy cane.

Bend the pipe cleaner to form Rudolph's antlers.

Glue the goggly eyes to the candy cane using the glue.

You can hang Rudolph on the tree or use him as a decoration to adorn your christmas presents

See below for a recipe to make homemade candy canes.


Christmas crafts



Homemade Christmas Candy Canes

3 c Sugar
1 t Peppermint flavoring
1/2 c Water
3/4 c Lt. corn syrup
3/4 ts Red vegetable coloring
1/4 ts Cream of tartar

Any self-respecting Christmas tree has a right to complain if it isn't decked out with a candy cane.

The sugar, water, syrup, and cream of tartar you combine and heat till the sugar's dissolved real fine.

Divide into two saucepans, boil, but don't stir, please, Until each lot 280 degrees.

Add 1/2 ts peppermint to each lot and add the coloring to one, the other not: place on an enamel or marble table to cool. (First oiling the table, as a general rule).

Like taffy you stretch and pull and form into ropes of red and white, now twist them around again and again. And form them into your candy cane.

Now on an oiled surface you allow them to harden, then announce to your family that these fun christmas crafts are now ready to decorate the Christmas tree.


Christmas crafts



Christmas Holiday Spice Potpourrie

4 Oranges
4 Lemons
1/2 c Whole cloves
1/2 c Whole allspice
10 Cinnamon Sticks, broken
10 Bay leaves, crumbled
8 oz Decorated jelly jars with bands lids

Using a vegetable peeler, peel fruit carefully, removing only the peel, not any of the white pith. cut or tear into one inch pieces.

Spread peel on paper towel lined pan. Place in preheated oven to 175, or set oven to WARM. dry in oven for 1 1/2 hours, tossing occasionally. Peels should be leathery and/or slightly crunchy. spread peels on dry paper towels and let air dry for 24 hours.

Combine with remaining ingredients. Fill jars with mixture, place lids on and screw bands on tightly. Yield: 3 or 4 half pint jars.

To use this fragrant christmas craft: Remove lid and leave band on for decoration to fragrance a room. OR put one Tblsp into a jar and fill jar with boiling water to release fragrance.


Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts



Christmas Wreath of Rice

2 c Rice
3 cn Beef consomme
2 Soup cans water
8 Green onions; chopped
1 lg Can mushrooms
1 Stick butter; melted
1 ts Salt

Combine all ingredients; spoon into greased 3-quart ring mold. Cover with foil.

Bake at 450 degrees for 1 hour. Let stand for 10 minutes.

Remove foil; press rice mixture down with spoon. Invert carefully on serving platter.

Garnish with holly leaves if desired.


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