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Some fun and easy games for the kids to play at easter including Jelly Bean Easter Egg Hunt, Golden Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bunny Tag, Easter Egg Toss, Easter Egg Memory Hunt Game, Easter Egg Bowling Match, Easter Candy Toss, more easter games plus links to even more easter games



Jelly Bean Easter Egg Hunt

For younger children, put down different colored jelly beans or small eggs for them to follow. At the end would be an easter basket filled with a bunch of easter goodies.

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Golden Easter Egg Hunt

Have the kids decorate their own easter baskets, each using a different color. They are then told that the eggs they will be looking for must be the same color as their baskets (they aren't to touch the other colors). This makes it easier for smaller children as the eggs can be out in plain view where the older the kids the harder they have to search for their easter eggs.

You can also hide one (or more) gold egg which contains a special prize. The prize can be anything you'd like (place money inside the egg or they can redeem the golden egg for a special prize).


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Easter Bunny Tag

This game is played the same way as tag except that the players must hop; if a player stops hopping for any reason, they are automatically IT.


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Easter Egg Toss

This is best done outside.

Pair off the kids facing each other. The object of the game is to have the kids toss an egg back and forth, moving farther away from each other after each toss. The first one to drop the egg is disqualified. The winning team would receive a prize

For younger kids you can use plastic eggs or even hard-boiled eggs.

For older kids, use fresh eggs. This can be hilarious but rather messy so be sure the kids are properly dressed for the occasion.


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Easter Egg Memory Hunt Game

Take pairs of easter eggs and paint only one side of each pair the same color (leave the other side unpainted).

Place the easter eggs, painted side down, and have the kids search for the eggs. When they find an egg they must leave it behind and search for the egg's mate before they can go back and pick up the other matching egg (that is if they can remember where that color egg was buried)

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Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

The same idea as "pin the tail on the donkey".

Have the kids draw a picture of the easter bunny on white construction paper; have them color the picture.

Decide which child will go first and then blindfold him. Give him a cotton ball to be pinned onto the easter bunny (for small children use tape instead of a pin).

Spin him around three times and let him go at it.

Once he pins the cotton ball on the bunny make a small circle in a special colored crayon to tell where abouts on the bunny his tail got pinned.he pinned (a different color for each child).

The next child then has a turn, etc.

When the last child has had their turn that's when the colored crayons will show who pinned the tail where.

The child who pinned his tail the closest to the easter bunny's real tail get's a prize. You can also offer prizes to the one who pinned the tail closest to his nose, ears, paws, etc... (everyone's a winner so there's no hard feelings).


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Easter Egg Bowling Match

Paint hard boiled eggs different colors and give a different color to each kid.

Leave one egg unpainted and roll that egg across the floor.

The kids have to roll their eggs and the one who's egg is rolled closest to the white one wins that round. At this time they can either win a small prize or points can be counted and then pizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes.


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Easter Candy Toss

Take a piece of red construction paper and draw 3 circles in the middle of the paper. Make the circles three different sizes so it resembles a bull's eye (the size of the circles will depend on the age of the kids, the older the kids the smaller the circle). Color each circle a different color and write in different point values for each circle.

Have the kids each throw a different kind of candy (maybe different colors of easter eggs or jelly beans).

Award prizes depending on which circle the child's candy lands on. The one who lands on the bull's eye in the middle would get an extra-special prize.


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Pass the Easter Egg

Line up in teams.

The first person places an easter egg under his chin (depending on the age of the child this easter egg can be plastic or a real easter egg (whether hard boiled or raw would depend totally on the age group; a raw egg would be funny but messy);

They must then pass the easter egg to the next person in line.

They must then try to grab the easter egg using only their chins.

If the egg drops, they must start over at the beginning.

If the person touches the egg with their hands, they would just put it back under their chin and continue on.

The first team to get the easter egg all the way to the last person in line is the winner.


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Easter Bunny Word Scramble

Give each person a pencil and paper with the words "Easter Bunny" written at the top.

They must then write down as many words as they can think of that can be made using the letters contained in the words "easter bunny".

The person who can think of the most words wins a prize; you can also have prizes for the most unusual words, the least words, the most original words, etc.



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