Father's Day Crafts

Easy homemade crafts and projects for making father's day extra special, homemade crafts are a very personal way of showing how much your dad means to you on fathers day.



father's day crafts


Thanks to one of our visitors for this neat idea:

To make this years gift my 11 year old son and I bought an inexpensive tshirt and fabric pens. We wrote the title "The ABC's of FATHERHOOD" and then wrote all the alphabet letters on it with a sentence for each letter. This is very easy to make, is inexpensive for those who can't afford much, does not take a lot of time, and is something Dad can hold on to for a long time.

P.S. When you use the fabric markers or fabric paints be sure to line the inside of the shirt with newspaper (black print only) and leave dry flat for 24 hours.


father's day crafts

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father's day crafts


Father's Day Gift Baskets

Fill a basket with stuff that dad would enjoy, such as small assorted chocolate bars, hershey's kisses, jelly beans, licorice all-sorts, miniature cookeis, (whatever kind of munchies your dad especially likes). Use your imagination! Think of things related to stuff that dad enjoys (e.g., sports, jogging, biking, gardening, etc). Decorate the basket with ribbons, bows, etc.


father's day crafts



Father's Day Gift-Wrap for your Crafts

  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • 1 1/2 cups boiling water

Mix the flour and cold water together in a small cup. Add the boiling water and heat on low until mixture starts to boil, stirring constantly. Set mixture aside to cool completely.

Divide into portions and add different colors of food coloring.

Create designs on paper using fingers, fists, old combs, toothbrushes, etc.

Use to wrap up gifts for dad on Father's Day.


father's day crafts



Homemade Father's Day Cards

Cut out colour pictures of stuff that dad likes (skiing, gardening, boating, etc) from old magazines. Combine them with a special Father's Day poem or silly rhyme. Paste the pictures and the special message on a big piece of colored construction paper. Cut the construction paper in a special shape or decorate it however you'd like.


father's day crafts




Tape the Kids making their Father's Day Crafts

Tape your children making their special crafts and projects for Father's Day. Show dad the special video as a Father's Day treat (this is something the whole family will enjoy looking at over the years)


father's day crafts



Father's Day Gift Certificates

This is one of the most popular crafts (not just for Fathers Day but for any occasion). The gift certificates could reflect whatever dad would like. These personal crafts make a lasting impression.

Write the "gift certificates" on small pieces of colored construction paper and place them in spots around the house when dad would be sure to find them.

Some ideas for Father's Day gift certificates could include:

"Wash the Car"
"One Saturday Matinee (my treat)"
"Rake the Leaves"
"Mow the Lawn"
"Weed the Garden"
"Clean the Gutters"
"Clean the Garage"
"Take out the Garbage"

You get the idea! Use your imagination. You can even include blank cards that dad can fill out himself".


father's day crafts



Recipes to Make for Dad on Fathers Day


Father's Day Breakfast in Bed

Make dad's favorite breakfast, coffee or tea, and the morning paper and serve it to him in bed.

Make pancakes by placing heart-shaped cookie cutters on the griddle and pouring the batter inside. When the pancakes are finished cooking on one side, remove the cookie cutters and flip the pancakes over. Eggs can be made the same way. Make toast and then cut them into heart shapes as well.

Make waffles (either frozen Eggo waffles or homemade). When they come out of the waffle iron, cut out different shapes using cookie cutters.

If dad is a late riser he might prefer brunch instead. Cut ham and cheese, grilled cheese, or peanut butter sandwiches into heart shapes using a cookie cutter. Maybe he'd prefer a heart-shaped pizza


father's day crafts

father's day crafts


Making Father's Day Dinner Extra Special

Make dad a special dinner for Father's Day. If it's nice you might even want to barbecue or even plan a picnic.

Place a fancy tablecloth on the table (even a picnic table), use fancy napkins and napkin rings. Place a centerpiece in the middle of the table, light a few candles, maybe.

Maybe dad would prefer to watch TV (if that's what he really enjoys). The whole family can join him, set up tv trays and enjoy a good movie (maybe rent something you think he'd enjoy). If he's into sports, let him watch the game without complaining (who knows, you might even learn to like it!).

Dad might really enjoy ordering a pizza for his Father's Day dinner (along with a cold one). After all it is his day, so it's whatever he wants, right?

You might want to take dad out to his favorite restaurant for Father's Day, be sure to make reservations early though.

For a special fathers day dessert, let the kids decorate frosted cupcakes for dad. Use a plastic egg carton to hold coloured sugar, sprinkles, edible glitter, raisins, finely-chopped nuts, chocolate chips, etc. (this is messy but so much fun to watch)

Check out our barbecue recipes and picnic ideas for ideas for Father's Day dinners. You might even try using some of these mothers day recipes to make for dad on father's day.


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fathers day crafts



fathers day crafts


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