4th of July Crafts

Easy and fun homemade crafts and projects to make the 4th of July interesting for kids including creating your own fireworks display on paper; making the American Flag (and learning something about it); some interesting recipes/crafts ideas, and lots more.


easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects



Take a piece of black or dark blue construction paper and squeeze out glue onto the paper to make designs to resemble fireworks, then sprinkle red, white, and blue glitter onto the wet glue to make your very own fireworks display.

July fourth crafts  Be sure to check out our Fireworks Page
Saftety tips for using fireworks, the anatomy of a firework, 4th of July fireworks display celebrations being held in cities across the U.S., links to cool pictures of fireworks and lots more.


easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects



American Flag

Make your very own flag to celebrate the 4th of July

You'll need white, red, and blue construction paper.

Take the red construction paper and cut out 7 strips. Then take the blue construction paper and cut out a square big enough to fill the upper left 1/4 of the white construction paper and glue it on. Next, glue the red strips onto a white construction paper. Then paste stars onto the blue square.


easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects


Fourth of July Flag - Stars and Stripes - Old Glory


The Betsy Ross Homepage
She sewed the first American flag. Check out this page for flag facts and timeline, picture gallery of the American flag at different times in history, and lots more historical information (cool site)

The History of the Flag

How to Cut a 5-Pointed Star in One Snip
George Washington's original pencil sketch for the flag indicated 6-pointed stars, a form he apparently preferred. Betsy Ross, however, recommended a 5-pointed star. When the committee protested that it was too difficult to make, she took a piece of paper, folded it deftly, and with a single snip of her scissors, produced a symmetrical five-pointed star. This seeming feat of magic so impressed her audience that they readily agreed to her suggestion.

Check out The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and its Amendments, and the The Star Spangled Banner.



easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects


July fourth crafts Be Sure to Check out our Celebrations Page
Links to listings for fireworks displays celebrations being held in cities across the U.S.; as well as 4th of July celebrations throughout our nation's history from 1776 to 2000, and lots more.


easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects




Recipes - Crafts

  • Use star cookie cutters to cut out star-shaped sandwiches
  • Make cookies and cut them into star or bell shapes using cookie cutters. Decorate with red, white, and blue edible glitter.
  • Serve food that's red, white, and/or blue in color (cherries, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, Strawberry and Berry Blue Jello.
  • Make a red, white and blue dessert using strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and topped with a few big, ripe blueberries
  • Have red colored punch with blue ice cubes (make the icecubes blue with food coloring)
  • Bring along tablecloths, napkins, bowls, cups, etc. that are red, white and/or blue.


Give each child 3 small paper cups. In each cup put a small amount of vanilla frosting (red in one cup (use food coloring), white in the other (use the frosting as is), and blue in the last one (use food coloring). Let the kids decorate their graham crackers however they'd like (maybe they'd like to try creating an American Flag)


easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects



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easy homemade july 4th crafts and projects



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