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porcelen dolphin figurines - 3-pc Mini Porcelain Dolphin Set

3-pc Mini Porcelain Dolphin Set
Playful miniature dolphins are in high spirits as they leap and dive over the waves. Porcelain.


dolphin figurines - Acrylic Dolphin Swinging Sculptures

Acrylic Dolphin Swinging Sculptures
Playful porpoises take a swing on this carefully balanced sculpture.


alabaster dolphin figurines - Alabaster 3 Dolphins And Fish

Alabaster 3 Dolphins And Fish
Three sleek dolphins play along a colorful seabed of plants, tropical fish, and coral in this graceful sculpture from the Classic Wildlife Collection.


dolphin figurines - Alabaster Dolphin Head & Spirit

Alabaster Dolphin Head & Spirit
The playfulness, intelligence, and grace of the dolphin spirit is captured in this alabastrite sculpture. Classic Wildlife Collection.


dolphin figurines - Alabaster Swinging Dolphins

Alabaster Swinging Dolphins
Designed to emulate the arc of a leaping dolphin, the finely-balanced piece will stir much comment and conversation.


dolphin figurines - Blue Glass Carved Dolphins

Blue Glass Carved Dolphins
A mother dolphin teaches her baby the ways of the sea on this blue-glass carved art piece.

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dolphin figurines - Dolphins Metal Framed Sculpture

Dolphins Metal Framed Sculpture
A group of dolphins frolic on this intriguing metal sculpture.


dolphin figurines - Mermaid & Dolphin On Wood Base

Mermaid & Dolphin On Wood Base
Old friends greet each other as this beautiful mermaid meets the intelligent dolphin among the colorful coral of the ocean bottom.


glass dolphin carousel figurines - Spun Glass Dolphins Carousel

Spun Glass Dolphins Carousel
A trio of dolphins chase each other on this moveable carousel, while the scout on top leaps over a glassy wave. Trimmed in gold with a pink mirror base.


dolphin figurines - Spun Glass Dolphins with Shell

Spun Glass Dolphins with Shell
A frosted glass shell is joined by two spun glass dolphins in this exquisite creation.

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