Dove Figurines


dove figurines - Porcelain Doves On Branch

Porcelain Doves On Branch
Twin doves and delicate pink roses grace this branch display. Hand-painted porcelain.


dove figurines - Porcelain Wedding Bell With Doves

Porcelain Wedding Bell With Doves
With loving doves on top, this porcelain bell with double-heart design is a perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries. Exclusive.


dove figurines - Porcelain Plate With 2 Doves & Roses

Porcelain Plate With 2 Doves & Roses
Beautifully detailed white doves are featured on this fine porcelain decorative plate. A rustic branch, leaves and delicate blossoms complete this porcelain scene. Wood stand included.


dove figurines - Porcelain Doves On Rose

Porcelain Doves On Rose
A pair of porcelain doves alight on a branch to enjoy the two-toned, pink beauty of an elegant rose.


dove figurines - Porcelain Doves & Flowers Quartz Clock

Porcelain Doves & Flowers Quartz Clock
Surrounded by intricately hand-painted, porcelain birds, flowers and leaves, this durable clock is perfect for bird lovers and clock and porcelain collectors. Exclusive.


Doves figurines

Painted Metal Wreath "Peace"
"Peace be with you in this house". A white dove with olive branch is the centerpiece of this painted-metal, twining-vine-and-flower wreath.


dove figurines - Spun Glass Cross with Doves

Spun Glass Cross with Doves
This shimmering cross is entwined with leaves and attended by two frosted doves. A glorious statement fashioned in spun glass. Gold trim.

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