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elephant figurines - 3 Frosted Elephants With Ball

3 Frosted Elephants With Ball
A trio of frosted elephants supports a clear glass orb on their upturned trunks. An unusual and dramatic piece for den or office.


elephant figurines - 3pc Alabaster Elephant Set

3pc Alabaster Elephant Set
Family of elephants.


bull elephant figurines - African Elephant Bull

African Elephant Bull
A highly realistic model of a mighty African elephant bull, captured in great detail from tusk to tail. Alabastrite.


elephant figurines - Alabaster Elephant Family

Alabaster Elephant Family
An elephant family on the move and protected by safety in numbers.


elephant figurines - Alabaster Elephant Plant Stand

Alabaster Elephant Plant Stand
A touch of the exotic for home or garden. This elephant plant stand displays the trunk upraised, a symbol of good fortune. Alabaster with a felt bottom.


elephant figurines - Alabaster Elephant Plate With Stand

Alabaster Elephant Plate With Stand
African elephants roam the grasslands on this collector's plate. Plate holder in matching design included.


elephant figurines - Frosted Creation - Elephant

Frosted Creation - Elephant
In frosted splendor, and supported by a "crystal" orb, this magnificent elephant powerfully trumpets his presence. Polyresin.

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elephant figurines - Mini Porcelain Elephants Set Of 3

Mini Porcelain Elephants Set Of 3
Three miniature porcelain elephants make up this set of petite pachyderms.


patchwork elephant figurines - Patchwork Elephant Couple - Safari

Patchwork Elephant Couple - Safari
With trunks intertwined these two elephants are a striking piece bedecked with the popular Safari Patchwork pattern.

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circus elephant figurines - Porcelain Circus Elephant / Trunk Up

Porcelain Circus Elephant / Trunk Up
The Big Top is home for this pachyderm performer, all decked out in brilliant red, gold and blue trappings!


elephant figurines - Porcelain Elephant With Trunk Up

Porcelain Elephant With Trunk Up
This teenage elephant trumpets for his friends to come along for a day of fun in the sun. Porcelain.


elephant figurines - Porcelain Elephants

Porcelain Elephants
This pair of porcelain elephants makes a cute couple!


elephant figurines - Porcelain Elephants Hugging Trunks

Porcelain Elephants Hugging Trunks
Elephants are family oriented animals and this duo continues the tradition of closeness and protection for each other.


elephant figurines - Safari Patchwork Elephants

Safari Patchwork Elephants
Sitting, standing, or rolling, these three safari Patchwork elephants are as merry to behold as they are unique. Upraised trunks symbolize good fortune. Porcelain..


brass elephant figurines - Solid Brass Elephant

Solid Brass Elephant
Gigantic elephant trumpets his arrival as he thunders through the jungle! Solid brass in the lost wax cast method. Antique bronze finish.

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