Glass Elephant Figurines

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glass elephant figurines - Clear Glass Carved Elephant

Clear Glass Carved Elephant
A collector's favorite and an elephant fancier's delight. Meticulously carved in clear glass.


elephant figurines - 3 Frosted Elephants With Ball

3 Frosted Elephants With Ball
A trio of frosted elephants supports a clear glass orb on their upturned trunks. An unusual and dramatic piece for den or office.


glass elephant figurines - Glass Playful Elephants

Glass Playful Elephants
With ears of blue and purple, decorated with rhinestones, two playful elephants frolic upon a mirror base with blue "waves". A cheerful and glimmering creation in glass!


glass elephant figurines

Spun Glass Elephant Carousel
Three glass elephants under the canopy and one perched on top, all trumpeting for you to give them a spin around their pink mirror base! Gold-trimmed.

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