Horse Figurines


horse figurines - 3-pc Alabaster Hong-TZE Horses

3-pc Alabaster Hong-TZE Horses
Horses charge in headlong flight in this action-packed scene, crafted in Hong Tze and polished to a bewitching finish.


wild horses figurines - Alabaster Wild Horses On Wood Base

Alabaster Wild Horses On Wood Base
Wild and unbridled, these magnificent steeds glory in the freedom of being unencumbered by the bondage of man. Classic Wildlife Collection.


horses figurines

Antique Wood Tricycle Horse
Reminiscent of another era is this "antique" wooden tricycle horse; a replica of someone's favorite toy.


horse figurines - unicorns

Color Frosted Unicorn Sculpture
A light tint of color adds a dramatic aspect to this stately, frosted, unicorn statue.

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horse figurines - Frosted Galloping Horses

Frosted Galloping Horses
Racing toward the sky, these steeds are beauty personified in their frosted glass like glory. Polyresin.


horse figurines - Frosted Horses With Crystal Ball

Frosted Horses With Crystal Ball
Three magnificent, frosted design steeds support a clear "crystal" ball in this dramatic sculpture.


horse figurines - Frosted Sculpture - Horse

Frosted Sculpture - Horse
The astonishing beauty of the "frosted glass" look is the ideal medium to project the power and majesty of this rearing stallion.


wild horses figurines - Frosted Wild Horses Sculpture

Frosted Wild Horses Sculpture
Startled, this group of powerful steeds takes off at full gallop, their highly muscled bodies highlighted and intensified by a ghostly frosted look.


rearing horse figurines - Horse With Legs Up On Wood Base

Horse With Legs Up On Wood Base
A wild steed, caught in a powerful and dramatic pose, is a fine example of the artistry of the "Classic Wildlife Collection"


horse bookends

Horse's Head Book Ends
Bookends for the horse-lover. Flowing manes blend into waves at the base. These are crafted in alabastrite with a deep bronze finish. Liberty Bronze Collection.


horse figurines - Leather Horse With Saddle / Harness

Leather Horse With Saddle / Harness
A high-stepping stallion completely crafted in leather! He's saddled, bridled, and "ready to ride" on your mantel, curio shelf, or anyplace else you want to put him on proud display.


horse figurines - Liberty Bronze Stallion

Liberty Bronze Stallion
This most impressive statue in the Liberty Bronze Collection presents a noble stallion in a powerful pose.


horse figurines - Majolica Style Horse

Majolica Style Horse
The popular Majolica-like style is once again in evidence with the presentation of this stately steed, decked out in all its finery. The "crazed-look" of its surface add an antique look.


horse figurines - Patchwork Horses - Horse Pattern

Patchwork Horses - Horse Pattern
A mare and her colt in horse-design patchwork makes a wonderful addition to den or playroom.


figurines of horses - Sculptured Glass Horses with Glass Ball

Sculptured Glass Horses with Glass Ball
Three stallions are sculpted in shimmering glass to create a scene of extraordinary elegance, crowned by a glass orb. Attached mirror base.

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