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Buy figurines of bears, birds, cats, chickens, cows, deer, dinosaurs, dog figurines, dolphins, donkeys, doves, dragons, eagle figurines, elephants, fish, horses, leopards, lions, monkeys, moose, owls, pigs, roosters, tigers, turtles, unicorns, whales, & wolf figurines.


wildlife figurines - bear figurines

Liberty Bronze Bear Family
Two rollicking bear cubs play under their mother's watchful eye.

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bird figurines

Porcelain Doves On Branch
Twin doves and delicate pink roses grace this branch display. Hand-painted porcelain.

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animal candles

Animal Candles



animal figurines - cat figurines

3 Pc. Porcelain Cats Set
A playful pussycat trio.

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wildlife figurines - cheetah figurines

Patchwork Cheetah Pair - Safari
The fastest animal on earth is the cheetah. This pair has been captured in a distinctive safari print. High gloss finish.

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animal figurines - chicken figurines

Rustic Metal 5 Pc. Hen Family
A mother and her chicks, in rusted metal sculpture, make a charming addition to your garden.

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cow figurines

Jute Cow
A belle among bovines, crafted in jute.


wildlife figurines - deer figurines

Alabaster Deer Leaping a Fallen Tree
This magnificent buck avoids the hunter and lives to see another day in the depths of the forest.

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animal figurines - dog figurines

6-pc Alabaster Dalmatian Family
Mom, Dad and 4 dalmation pups, in playful poses.

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alabaster dolphin figurines - Alabaster 3 Dolphins And Fish

Alabaster 3 Dolphins And Fish
Three sleek dolphins play along a colorful seabed of plants, tropical fish, and coral in this graceful sculpture from the Classic Wildlife Collection.

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figurines of birds - dove figurines

Spun Glass Cross with Doves
This shimmering cross is entwined with leaves and attended by two frosted doves.

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fantasy figurines - dragon figurines

See, Hear, Speak No Evil Dragons
These dragons make a colorful trio as they urge all to see, hear, and speak no evil.

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wildlife figurines - eagle figurines

Liberty Bronze Eagle with Snake
A regal eagle, wings spread high and wide. In his talons he clutches a snake.

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Elephant Figurines

African Elephant Bull
A highly realistic model of a mighty African elephant bull, captured in great detail from tusk to tail. Alabastrite.

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wildlife fish figurines

Fish & Pole Wall Plaque
What a great wall hanging for the angler in the family. Two examples of a perfect day, a favorite rod and the fish that didn't get away.

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frog figurines

Alabaster Garden Lover Frogs / Bench
Cozily sitting on a chair crafted of metal, these two frogs are the essence of amphibious romance.

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wildlife figurines - gazelle figurines

Safari Patchwork Gazelle
The agile gazelle, denizen of the African plains, presented here in safari Patchwork.

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wildlife figurines - giraffe figurines

Giraffe Figurine
Alabastrite giraffe on wood base.

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horse figurines

Alabaster Wild Horses On Wood Base
Wild and unbridled, these magnificent steeds glory in the freedom of being unencumbered by the bondage of man.

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wildlife figurines - leopard figurines

Safari Patchwork Porcelain Leopard
Fine porcelain defines the lustrous lines of this most graceful of felines, the leopard.

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wildlife figurines - lion figurines

Alabaster Garden Lion Pair On Ball
In all their royal splendor, this pair of lion ornaments will make a great entrance statement for your garden, patio or driveway.

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monkey figurines - Liberty Bronze Monkey Candleholder

Liberty Bronze Monkey Candleholder
From the prestigious "Liberty Bronze Collection", a playful monkey clings to thick stalks of bamboo. A truly unique candleholder.

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wildlife figurines - moose figurines

Alabaster Moose On Grass
The call of the moose; a stunning tribute to this majestic king of the woodlands.

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animal figurines - owl figurines

Porcelain Owl With 2 Chicks In Nest
An action-packed scenario depicts a porcelain Great Horned Owl arriving at a nest filled with her hungry chicks.

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pegasus figurines

Alabaster Pegasus On Cloud
The mystical Pegasus prances on a carpet of billowing clouds.

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animal figurines - pig figurines

Patchwork Piggy Bank - Animals
Animal A menagerie of critters decorates this charming, colorful Patchwork piggy bank.

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animal figurines - rooster figurines

Alabaster Rooster On Wood Base
In fine feather, this stately rooster strikes a pose of power, beauty and dominion over his flock.

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wildlife figurines - tiger figurines

Alabaster White Tiger / Cub Wood Base
This rare white tiger lets its guard down long enough to languish in the sun.

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wildlife figurines - turtle figurines

Brass Turtles On Seabed
Quietly swimming among the verdigris coral, these sea turtles are finished in bronze over brass, and rest on a wooden base.

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fantasy figurines - unicorn figurines

Alabaster Prancing Unicorn
Lightly dancing on luminescent clouds, the golden horn of this noble unicorn glimmers in the rays of the sun.

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wildlife figurines - Alabaster Bear & Cub On Wood Base

Wildlife Figurines



wildlife figurines - wolf figurines

Alabaster Wolves Pair
A duo of wolves, with thick winter coats protecting them from the elements, wander their habitat looking for sustenance.

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