Rooster Figurines


rooster figurines - Alabaster Rooster On Wood Base

Alabaster Rooster On Wood Base
In fine feather, this stately rooster strikes a pose of power, beauty and dominion over his flock. Elegantly detailed plumage adds to his look of authority.


rooster figurines - Bandana Patchwork Porcelain Rooster

Bandana Patchwork Porcelain Rooster
The red hankerchief pattern seems a fitting design for this Patchwork rooster -- from base to comb, he's full of down-home character! Porcelain.


rooster figurines - Eggplant Rooster

Eggplant Rooster
A salad's worth of colorful vegetables went into this creative rooster, who proudly struts his stuff with an eggplant body, pea pod wings, and radish tail. Alabastrite and metal.


rooster figurines - Feather Rooster

Feather Rooster
A faithful recreation of the ruler of the roost! This life-size rooster features colorful feathering..


rooster figurines - Frosted Rooster

Frosted Rooster
Frosted alabastrite lends this denizen of the barnyard an ethereal quality.


rooster figurines - Mus Alabaster Cock A Doodle Rooster

Mus Alabaster Cock A Doodle Rooster
This raucous rooster is really a rowdy rascal. Activate his "innards" and he'll crow any time. . . just like on the farm. Alabastrite.


rooster figurines - Porcelain Rooster Family

Porcelain Rooster Family
Cast in porcelain and colofully hand-painted, this farmyard family will add a nice touch to your country kitchen.


rooster figurines - Porcelain Roosters Pair

Porcelain Roosters Pair
The rulers of the roost don't usually travel in pairs, but these two seem to be getting along. Porcelain.


rooster figurines - Rooster Swinging Sculpture

Rooster Swinging Sculpture
A sculpture that's in the "swing" of things! A rooster sways above a hen and barnyard in this well-balanced creation. Alabastrite and stainless steel.


rooster figurines - Stone Finish Rooster

Stone Finish Rooster
Every feather on this large, proud, stone-finish alabastrite rooster is captured in great detail. He'll make a lovely centerpiece in your garden, or bring a country feel inside your home.

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