Wolf Figurines


wildlife - wolf figurines - Alabaster Wolf Family Near Pond

Alabaster Wolf Family Near Pond
Looking to mom for safety and comfort, these cubs wait to learn the ways of the wild.


wildlife - wolf figurines - Alabaster Wolf Family On Snow

Alabaster Wolf Family On Snow
Wolf family in the snow.


wildlife - wolf figurines - Alabaster Wolves Pair

Alabaster Wolves Pair
A duo of wolves, with thick winter coats protecting them from the elements, wander their habitat looking for sustenance.


wildlife - wolf figurines - Alabaster Wolves Spirit In Wolf

Alabaster Wolves Spirit In Wolf
The spirits of his ancestors are recalled in this realistic, hand-painted wolf sculpture. Classic Wildlife Collection.


wolves figurines

Howling Wolf Votive Holder
A lamenting wolf and a snowy forest are the subjects of this dramatic votive holder. The plaque is carved from behind to create an image with depth and detail. Alabastrite. Votive or tealight candles only. Tealight and candle cup included.

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wolf figurines - clocks

Timber Wolf Clock
The Spirit of the North is captured in the illustration of the wolf on this wall clock with quartz movement.

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