Mother's Day Crafts

Be prepared for mother's day with these fun ideas for easy homemade mother's day crafts and projects to make moms day even more special for her.



mother's day crafts


Mother's Day Placemats

Cut out pictures from old mother's day cards or magazines. Make sure they're pictures of thing you think your mom would like.

Glue the pictures onto heavy construction paper leaving room in between to draw your own pictures or add in little sayings for special poems for mom.

Write your name and the date at the bottom and mom will have a wonderful keepsake to remember this Mother's Day.

Cover the placemat with clear contact paper.


easy mother's day crafts

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easy mother's day crafts

Thumb-body Loves You

Take construction paper and make a card, then have child put their thumb prints on the front of the card. Make picture out of the thumb prints into flowers and bees, by using the thumb print as the center of the flower and the body of the bees. You can add clouds in the sky and a tree or use your imagination Then write on the inside thumb-body loves you.

Thanks to one of our visitors for this cute idea.


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Mother's Day Heart Cake

Make a heart-shaped cake for mothers day by baking a two-layer cake (bake one layer in an 8" round pan, and one layer in a 8" square pan (since this cake will be larger than a normal cake, make a platter by covering a large piece of cardboard with tinfoil).

When cakes are cooled thoroughly, cut the round cake in half.

Place the square cake in a diamond shape and place each semi-circle against the top sides of the triangle to resemble a heart. Cover the entire cake with frosting. Put on the finishing touches by either using candy hearts, Hershey kisses, cake decorations, etc.


fun mother's day crafts



fun mother's day crafts




homemade mother's day crafts



Mother's Day Coupons

Cut cardboard hearts out of heavy construction paper.

Write messages on the hearts to tell mom what she can collect when she hands the coupons in. Some examples might be:

  • This coupon good for 1 big hug
  • This coupon good for 1 kiss
  • This coupon good for
  • This coupon good for doing the dishes
  • This coupon good for cleaning my room
  • This coupon good for walking the dog
  • This coupon good for taking out the garbage

Use your imagination and think of what mom would just love to get a special coupon for.


Mother's Day Coupon Bouquets

Draw hearts out of heavy construction paper.

Write your messages on the hearts.

Glue the hearts onto decorated popsicle sticks (attach stickers, color the sticks, wrap them in giftwrap, etc).

Place the sticks in a small vase and mom can pick a coupon from her bouquet.


mother's day poems

easy mothers day activities



Mother's Day Cards

Make a Mother's Day Card by having the child draw a picture of their mother on the front of the card. At the top of the card have them write:

"My mommy's special because..." or "I Love Mom because..."

Inside the card have them write all the reasons they can think of.

Decorate the card using stickers, glitter, etc.


Make mom a mother's day card by taking construction paper and folding it in half. Draw an outline of the child's hand on the front of the card and have the child color the hand, or draw pictures in and around the hand. Allow them to be creative. Decorate with stickers. Punch holes in the side of the card and run a red ribbon through the holes.


Take a large piece of heavy construction paper and fold it in half so it resembles a card.

Cut out photographs of yourself (get permission from an adult before doing this).

Glue the pictures onto heavy construction paper.

Add a cute poem or funny saying to the inside of the card.

Decorate your mothers day card with glitter, stickers, or ribbons.


fun mothers day projects

Mother's Day Gift Bags

Depending on the size of the gift, decorate either a lunch bag or a grocery bag by coloring with crayons, felt markers, or paint. Add poems or funny sayings. Decorate with stickers.

Put in the gift and stuff with colored tissue paper and tie a ribbon or bow on the top.


homemade mother's day crafts




Mother's Day Graham Cracker Cards

Place 4, 6, 8, (as many as you'd like) graham crackers together on a platter and frost them so they're glued together. Decorate the mothers day card anyway you'd like, for example:

  • Press Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Hugs, Red Hots, etc., down into the frosting.
  • Pipe "Happy Mother's Day" or "Love Ya Mom" onto the Crackers
  • Drizzle on different colors of food coloring to make designs or messages
  • Use your imagination and have fun.


fun mothers day projects



Breakfast in Bed for Mothers Day

Make breakfast in bed for mom's day. Use the placemat you made (see top of page) to decorate the tray.

Get a small vase and put in a few flowers (real or artifical).

Have a serviette or napkins on the tray (not just a paper towel   :)

Have the newspaper or a pocketbook on the tray.

Breakfast can be anything from cereal, toast, orange juice, and coffee to a breakfast of bacon and eggs or quiche, depending on what you think she'd like (get a parent to help)

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mothers day crafts

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mothers day crafts




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