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Be prepared for mother's day with some fun and easy homemade gifts as well as gifts to buy to make mom even happier on mother's day.





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Mother`s Day Candy


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Buy mom something she'll appreciate for a long time!

Charles David - Cupcake (Light blue) - Women's Dress Shoe
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mother's day gifts


Mother's Day Hugs and Kisses

Take a spoon and put on a Hershey's Hug and a Hershey's Kiss.

Tie with cellophane and a ribbon.

Add a little gift tag that says "Hugs and Kisses for Mom on Mother's Day.

Add the spoon to a mug with a package of cocoa and a few wrapped chocolate sticks. Add a few miniature marshmallows to a ziplock bag and top the gift off with a few cinnamon sticks.

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mother's day gifts


Mother's Day Marbles

Get mom a pair of earplugs, a bottle of aspirin, and a bag of marbles with a little note saying:
"I heard you lost your marbles.
Aren't you glad I found them for you?
This note is good for 1 hour of peace and quiet


mother's day gifts


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Spun Glass Red Cardinal / Flower
Animal Figurines

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Scented Mother Candle
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Dolls - 11" Doll With Teddy - Amber


mother's day gifts


Mother's Day Special Bookmark

Make mom a special bookmark by cutting a strip out of heavy construction paper.

Punch a hole in the top of the paper and put a ribbon through the hole and tie it.

Add stickers or hearts to the construction paper (or you could draw tiny pictures).

Write your name and the date at the bottom of the bookmark and it'll make a nice Mother's Day keepsake for mom to cherish.


mother's day gifts


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womens plus size clothing
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Mother's Day Love Box

Wrap up a small empty box and put a little gift tag on it that says:

"This box is full of love for you;
Just hold this box and know I care
When you're feeling sad and blue."


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mothers day gifts




Take a small piece of construction paper and decorate it anyway you'd like.

On the card write:  "Do Not Disturb for 1 Hour"

Punch a hole in the top of the card and thread ribbon through the hole and tie the ribbon (so the card can be hung over a doorknob).

Tell mom the card is to be attached to the bathroom door whenever she'd like to have a nice, quiet, relaxing bath.

You could also include a pocketbook, bath oil beads, bubble bath, a few candles, etc.



mother's day gifts


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mothers day gifts


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