Valentine's Day Romantic Ideas

Includes lots of ideas to make valentine's day a little more fun and romantic for both your sweetie and yourself.



Make a trail of Hershey's Kisses leading to the bathroom shower. When your sweetie pulls the shower curtain, have a bunch of roses laying in the shower with a note attached that says:

"Now that I've kissed the ground you walked on and showered you with Roses, Do you promise to love me forever?"

You can write whatever you want on the note, such as:

Will you be my Valentine?
Will you marry me? etc.

Thanks to Lisa for this cute idea.



valentines day romantic tips


Romantic Things to Do Around the House for Valentine's Day
  • Tie red ribbons on all your plants!
  • Buy artifical (or real) flowers that are red or pink in color.
  • Wear something red.
  • Buy different shapes and sizes of red and pink candles.
  • Place heart soaps in the bathroom.
  • Put Herhey's Kisses and Hershey's Hugs in a bowl and place on the coffee table. Have another bowl of Valentine's Day Love Candies (the little candies with the messages written on them) and red hots.
  • Make a wreath of hearts


valentines day romantic tips


Romantic Valentines Day Mood Setters

Buy or rent romantic movies, make some popcorn, light a fire, and snuggle up to your honey and watch the movies (they can be romantic comedies or tearjerkers, whichever you like).


Angie's Pick: Top 10 Romantic Movies:

The American President
A Walk in the Clouds
When Harry Met Sally
Pretty Woman
Gone with the Wind
The Bridges of Madison County
City of Angels
The Way We Were


Make up a romantic poem for your honey and read it out. If you're not artistic, buy a book of poems instead.


Another idea is to buy a selection of romantic music or make up your own special tape using songs that have special meaning to the two of you, or you can phone the local radio station and dedicate a favorite song to your Valentine

Angie's Pick: Top 10 Romantic Songs:

My Heart Will Go On (theme from Titanic) - Celine Dion
Don't Want To Miss A Thing (theme from Armageddon) - Aerosmith
Forever and For Always -Shania Twain
A Whole New World - Aladdin Soundtrack
(I've Had) The Time of My Life (from Dirty Dancing)- Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
In My Life - Beatles
Everything I Do (I Do For You) - Bryan Adams
Truly, Madly, Deeply -- Savage Garden
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston


valentines day romantic tips


Valentine's Day Slave

Volunteer to be your sweetie's slave for the day. This can either mean doing the laundry, washing dishes, babysitting, washing the car, etc. It may also mean giving backrubs, foot massages, preparing bubblebaths; whatever else you're sweetie might enjoy.



valentines day romantic tips


Romantic Things to Do on Valentine's Day

Take a walk in the park, go horseback riding, visit a zoo, fly a kite, go to a movie play or just curl up in front of a roaring fire, drink hot chocolate and just talk. Just be together!

If you live in a big city pretend to be a tourist. Book a room at a nice hotel, take a ride on a tour bus, ask a stranger to take a picture of the two of you together.

Make Romantic Travel Plans for Valentine's Day. This can be anything from one night in a nice hotel to that special vacation or second honeymoon!


valentines day romantic tips

valentines day romantic tips


Valentine's Day Kiss and Tell

Hide Hershey's Kisses around the house for your sweetie to find. Every Hershey's Kiss that they find is redeemable for one kiss from you (not a quick peck, make it a REAL KISS).

They get to collect on another kiss when they actually eat the Hershey's Kiss.


valentines day romantic tips


Valentine's Day Love Note in a Bottle

Write a romantic poem, (either make it up or write out something from a book of poems), roll it up and place it in a fancy bottle and put the top on.

Run your sweetie a special bubblebath. Have soft music playing and have red scented candles as the soft lighting..

Have the bottle floating in the bathtub in such a way that they can see it when they get into the tub. If they don't notice, point it out to them. "Hey, what's that?"   :)


easy mothers day activities


Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Write a romantic poem (either make something up yourself or copy it out of a book) and paste your message on a red heart cut out from red construction paper.

Using crayons or felt pen write little notes around the poem. Stuff like "I Love You", "Be Mine", etc and/or draw little pictures (plain hearts, hearts with arrows through them, cupid, etc) on the card and color them. Add stickers if you want.

To make the card a little fancier, use a single-hole paper-puncher on the edge of the heart then loop red ribbon through the holes.

If you want a Valentines Day card that looks like a real card, just fold the construction paper in half, draw the big heart on the front and put the poem inside the card.


valentines day romantic tips

valentines day romantic tips


Be My Special Valentine: I Love You Because

Write a poem or a letter to your love telling them how special they are to you.

Start with the words "Be My Special Valentine: I Love You Because" in big red letters, then fill in the rest yourself in your normal writing.

Sign it with hugs and kisses: XOXOXOX


valentines day



For ideas for romantic crafts, check out our Valentine's Day Crafts and our Valentine's Day Crafts / Recipes


valentines day romantic tips



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